Story is about Paul Bass. A deaf Graphic Designer who grew up with his grandfather and in foster homes. Grows up to become a very iconic and respected Graphic Designer despite his disabilities. Mainly because with the loss  of one of his 5 senses(hearing)…His eye sight was improved beyond the normal Human’s capability. That is why “He Sees It  Different”.


Written & Created By Hamza.K.Muwanga

    Soundtrack “Inspiration” By Sliq Teq

        Special Thanks to Nita Virena

Ending Scene By “Eber.K”

FONT FAMILY : Helvetica Neue

Above is the Link to my Vimeo page. The only frustrating thing about it is that is you are an average user you have to wait for about 40 minutes before your video goes instantly online that is why most of my videos are still through youtube. But follow the link if you may.

This is part of my 20 sec Introduction video for my Digital Imaging class. I used the Rotobrush and applied the KeyLight to help me extract certain colours so they can replace for example my hand.

Otherwise when you are watching Rotoscoping Tutorials online they forget to tell us how a slow process Rotoscoping can be. You will notice a few glitches and rough edges through out this video and that is because i just could not stand having to go through each frame step by step so i just scoped out the areas i really needed. But its a pretty cool tool. 

Some of the images above were used in the Draft Animatic, Also traced and refined for use in the Final Animatic.

IMAGE REFERENCE (Respectively)

Motion/Image Tracking

Another tutorial this one has to do with motion tracking but i believe the same technique can be applied to Image Tracking as well. 

Looks pretty straight forward might try this for my 20 sec Introduction.


After Effects Motion Tracking Intro Tutorial,” YouTube video, 06:54, posted by “Editutes,” September 23, 2013,

This is a very good tutorial still have not clearly figured out where i will use green screen. But the idea here is what i have because it may be difficult booking time for the school green screen studio. So buying material and doing it outdoors could prove ideal if i decide where to use green screen in my short clip.

In this tutorial, the Keylight tool in AfterEffects is put to use very well.


How to Chroma Key (green screen) - Adobe After Effects Tutorial,” YouTube video, 9:26, posted by “ECAbrams,” September 23, 2013,

Above is a Tutorial on the Rotobrush. But to be honest am still not sure i will use this technique in my work. 

But perhaps i could use a dark background for the scenes like 1,2,3,8 and 9. So that all you see is what the camera is focusing on


After Effects CS5:RotoBrush,” Vimeo video, 24:52, posted by “Video2Brain,” September 23, 2013,

So the title sequence sketched have been updated. Seeing as some of the previous ideas might have proved to be a little more trickier than this version.

I need to start putting some of these shots in action for the animatic.


Week 5 - Continue with Blog. Look for how to create the animatic version(tutorials).Start creating Animatic 

Week 6 - Presentation for animatic is due

Week 7 - Final project  has to begin. Video Shoots. Progression 

Week 8 - Continue with Final Project. Editing as well

Week 9 - Progression to Tutor for any advice if any

Week 10 - Final Project continues

Week 11 - Compliling of all visuals and audios into. And bringing it to life

Week 12 - Project should be done by end of this week.Audio,touch ups etc Deadline next week

Week 13 - Presentation Day